Slimoban 2

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How To Play: Slimoban 2

About Slimoban 2

Embark on a charming and puzzling adventure with Slimoban 2, the captivating sequel to the Sokoban-inspired game, Slimoban. Join the brave little girl as she navigates through a dungeon teeming with formidable and menacing slimes. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to collect the elusive golden coin, outwit the slimes, and, if possible, neutralize them using clever strategies. With the addition of magic potions and water elements, Slimoban 2 offers a delightful and challenging puzzle experience that will test your wits and problem-solving skills.


  • In Slimoban 2, players engage in a series of intricate puzzles, maneuvering the little girl through a dungeon filled with slimes, blocks, and magical elements. Here's a glimpse of the captivating gameplay:
  • Collect the Golden Coin: The primary objective in each level is to collect the golden coin. Navigate through the dungeon, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges to reach and collect the coveted coin.
  • Magic Potions: Discover magic potions that grant the girl the ability to lift heavy wooden blocks and slimes. Use these potions strategically to clear paths, create openings, and outsmart the slimes.
  • Block Manipulation: Move, collect, and drop wooden blocks to create pathways, block slime movement, or reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Precision and planning are key to successfully completing each level.
  • Water Elements: Water adds a new dimension to the game. Drop objects, including slimes and blocks, into the water to solve puzzles. Understand the dynamics of water to master the challenges that lie ahead.
  • Slime Luring and Traps: Employ cunning strategies to lure slimes into traps, throw boxes at them, or push them into the water. While these actions may not be obligatory, they provide additional layers of complexity and satisfaction for those seeking a greater challenge.


  • Collect the Golden Coin: Your main objective is to collect the golden coin at each level. Strategically plan your moves to reach the coin while overcoming obstacles and avoiding slimes.
  • Use Magic Potions Wisely: Magic potions grant you the ability to lift heavy objects. Utilize them wisely to move wooden blocks, eliminate slimes, and create pathways to the golden coin.
  • Manipulate Blocks and Slimes: Move, collect, and drop wooden blocks to solve puzzles and navigate the dungeon. Consider the placement of objects carefully to optimize your progress.
  • Navigate Water Elements: Understand the behavior of water in the game. Use it to your advantage by dropping objects into it to clear paths and solve puzzles.
  • Optional Challenges: While various actions like trapping slimes and throwing boxes add complexity, they are not obligatory. Focus on collecting the golden coin to progress through the levels.

Slimoban 2 promises an enchanting blend of puzzle-solving and strategic thinking, inviting players to immerse themselves in a whimsical world filled with challenges, slimes, and magical elements. Can you guide the little girl to triumph in this dungeon adventure? The golden coin awaits!